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Change your job and your life before it’s too late!

There is a cost for every choice in life either we stay in our comfort zone or we decide to move on.

We are here to help you to improve your everyday life through your career’s next steps!

Develop yourself

by becoming able of: Establishing a strategic long term career plan which helps you to accomplish your life goals.

Look for a job

Getting an insight of your career path so far identifying your needs and motivations in relation to the job market.

Succeed in interviews

by becoming able of: Getting prepared for interview, mock interviews and feedback. Dealing with head-hunters and recruiters.

Our Consultants

Vassilis Valmas, Ph.D.

Careers Consultant

Vassilis Valmas, Ph.D., is a careers consultant who has a doctorate in Language Sciences, discipline belonging to Humanities. His thesis concerns the place of experience in skills


Yannis Psomadakis

Business Consultant

Senior Manager with more than 15 years in the software process and project management. Worked for software vendors, investment banking and as a senior consultant contractor…

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Dr. Valmas’s path includes lots of years of studies along with professional and personal experience in various sectors. He has passed from day-to-day jobs to university research teams and from assistant jobs to associated expert role. He has lived, studied and worked in several countries …

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We are an online consultancy offering Employability Skills Development and Careers Advice.

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Customer testimonials


Dr. Valmas coached me during a transition in my lifefrom Germany to the UK and in my career from a technical job in a hospital to a teaching role in a school. He identified my transferable skills and helped me with my CV. Vassilis advised me about the job application process, how to succeed in my interviews and how to make the first crucial steps in my career in London as a music teacher. I would like to recommend him (Valmas Consulting) because he can help people to improve their lives through their career.

Theodoros Iliadis


Dr. Vassilis Valmas has provided to me Information, Advice and Guidance before my movement in UK. He amended my CV and explained to me what a recruiter and a hiring manager check on a CV during the hiring process. I really needed someone to support me to make my first steps in the UK market. In my opinion the most important thing of his help was the skype meetings. It was like face to face meeting not something impersonal. I would highly recommend him for his ability to suggest career paths based on his clients previous experience.

Tina Kaouni


I would like to thank Dr. Vassilis Valmas (Valmas Consulting) for his presentation titled “Careers advice for new IT professionals”. His contribution was exceptionaland extremely useful for our students who are about to make their initial steps in the market. Our students have highly appreciated Dr. Valmas’ careers advice. They have understood what really matters in a competitive CV, what makes a cover letter efficient and received some tips in order to pass interviews successfully. I would recommend Dr. Valmas for his ability to create good relationships with his customers to whom he provides excellent careers advice.

Dimitris Varsamis

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