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Employability Skills

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Employability Skills Development & Careers Consulting

01 – Develop yourself by becoming able of:

  • Establishing a strategic long term career plan which helps you to accomplish your life goals.
  • Making positive, realistic, informed decisions based on SMART targets.
  • Assessing if self employment / starting up your own business is right for you or even if consultancy should be your next best move.
  • Managing your career transition dealing with uncertainty and the next stage.

02 – Look for a job by becoming able of:

  • Getting an insight of your career path so far identifying your needs and motivations in relation to the job market.
  • Generating options and researching them.
  • Formulating a strategic job search campaign.
  • Developing an online presence along with online recruitment strategies.
  • Networking and making the most from contacts.

03 – Look for a job abroad by becoming able of:

  • Assessing if working abroad is the best possible choice.
  • Adapting and operating in a new cultural and professional context.

04 – Apply for a job by becoming able of:

  • Developing a CV for your target role.
  • Understanding how the job application process works.

05 – Succeed in interviews by becoming able of:

  • Getting prepared for interview, mock interviews and feedback.
  • Dealing with head-hunters and recruiters.

06 – Develop responsible work practice by becoming able of understanding the importance of:

  • Motivation in the workplace.
  • Punctuality and reliability in the workplace.
  • Time management in the workplace.

07 – Work in a team by becoming able of understanding:

  • The need for a team to agree a contract for working together.
  • How roles and responsibilities can be allocated within a team.
  • Working within a team towards a specific goal.

08 – Understand structures in the workplace by becoming able of understanding:

  • The importance of organisational objectives and values.
  • The need for effective communication routes within an organisation.
  • Recognising the way in which decisions are made in relation to organisational structure.

Choosing the path

Choosing the next move in our life and in our professional path is something that sometimes stresses us and makes us procrastinate.

We are here to support in decision making through a commonly agreed action plan which will lead us to the desired place.

Boost your self-confidence through careers consulting with Dr. Vassilis Valmas and improve your life!